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SIX DOGS Pinotage Stained Gin 750ml - Together Store South Africa

SIX DOGS Pinotage Stained Gin 750ml

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Six Dogs Pinotage Stained is the love child of Six Dogs Gin and our neighbour’s highly prized block of pinotage grapes. We distill this Gin in small batches through generous quantities of juniper and fresh citrus. The grapes are handpicked, raced up the road to the distillery, de-stalked and placed into tanks to macerate. Here the Gin gets its colour and taste profile from the deep red essence of this truly South African cultivar. Some love it neat over ice while others dilute with a splash of good tonic to create a fusion of terroir, cultivar and the finest Gin we could make. You could say this Gin is an alchemy between neighbours, friends, nature, and of course, six faithful dogs.