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About us

Welcome to your personal journey of discovery in the world of wine and food. Your digital Farmers Market, The Together Store is your platform to explore the best wines and farm-to-table produce, and learn about them as you sip, with our digital Home Wine courses and Tours. Meet the winemakers, visit the wine regions, all with a glass in your hand. Experience the ultimate in home wine edutainment, linked to farm-to-table products. 2% of purchases goes back to Covid-19 relief efforts. We are all in this together


The Together Store was founded by Under the Influence and likeminded farmers and high quality family-owned vendors. Our customers and partners on the African continent have been devastated by the economic impact of the Covid-19 virus. We wanted to stand together and find ways to trade, and support each other over this time, with a set of wine, food and home edutainment products for our customers. The Together Store is our journey with a host of family-owned businesses and farmers, to achieve this. Click here to enquire about becoming a vendor.

We are active in Zambia, Kenya and South Africa. Ghana, Rwanda and Nigeria coming later this year!