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A MARI Indian Ocean Gin 750ml - Together Store South Africa

A MARI Indian Ocean Gin 750ml

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A Mari translates as ‘from the sea' in Latin. These unique gins are distilled with ocean water to enhance the botanical flavours, giving them a distinctively smooth finish and delicately balanced taste. Inspired by the warm Indian Ocean and distilled with fragrant East African botanicals, this gin features Swahili Lime and Madagascan Pink Peppercorns. After distillation, it is infused with Chai which gives it its distinctive golden colour. Rich and complex palate full of exotic spice. Fragrant with spicy and sweet notes on the nose. A long, mellow finish with a touch of tannin from the tea. Botanicals include juniper, coriander, Swahili lime, lemon, Swahili lime leaves, ajwain, Madagascan baie rose, turmeric, cardamom, angelica.