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Under the Influence of Sauvignon Blanc

If you can't come to the winelands at the moment, why can't the winelands come to you! At the Together Store, We are excited to be sharing the first in a series of our Wine Stories, where we explore the subject of wine and bring it into your home for you. Today we are started at the very beginning, in a manner of speaking. A wine that we typically enjoy by itself, before a meal, the bright and sunny and fresh Sauvignon Blanc

In the video we explore the flavour profile of Sauvignon Blanc in more detail and when to suggest it to your Guests or enjoy it at home.

Sauvignon Blanc is a wine that is a direct mirror of where it is grown. It is most often a totally unwooded wine, and the grapes are simply harvested and fermented, and then settled in tanks for a short while before bottling. Sometimes the wines are left on the lees (dead yeast cells) to add more complexity of flavour. That being said, the wines typically reflect or mirror the climate and soil in which they are grown. Cooler climate Sauvignon Blanc will show different flavours to warmer climate Sauvignon Blanc.

Here is one of South Africa's top Sauvignon Blanc winemakers, Andrew Gunn, who will share a short Masterclass on the grape.

Sauvignon Blanc originates from France, in the regions of Bordeaux and the Loire. It is an incredibly good traveller, and has managed to find a foothold in most of the wine producing regions of the world. We love the Sauvignon Blanc wines from the Elgin wine region in South Africa. You can take a journey with us to Elgin below. Happy sipping! Shop Sauvignon Blanc at the Together Store here