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Under the Influence of Chardonnay Podcast

In the first Under the Influence Podcast, brought to you by the Together Store, we are joined by Joris van Almenkerk of Almenkerk Wines to explore the wonderful world of Chardonnay. From unoaked, to Old World and New World, and back into the regional differences in South Africa, we explore what makes this grape tick. We dig into the vineyard, and into the cellar, and find out just how terroir and winemaking techniques influence the flavour and style of Chardonnay. Big thanks to Alex Dale, for the wonderful wines from Radford Dale, and the assistance on the international wines and his beautiful Winery of Good Hope range.

The Under the Influence podcast is designed to demystify the wine world, and explore it with the interesting characters who make up this exciting and ever-changing space. Without further ado, please enjoy!

Under the Influence of Chardonnay Podcast with Joris from Almenkerk Wines