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Together with Iona Wines

Tune in for a Meet the Maker tasting with Andrew, hosted by Victoria from Cellar254 in Kenya on Friday 27 May at 7pm (Kenya time), and 6pm (Zambia and South Africa time). Live on the Cellar254 Facebook feed. 

We believe that a lot of greatness can be found at the end of long dusty roads, especially in the wine regions of the Western Cape in South Africa. At the Together Store we are constantly seeking out these family owned wineries and farms, and one of our favourite drives is one that ends at Iona Wines in Elgin. 

Iona misty morning

If you are lucky, it will be a misty morning as you drive up the Highlands Road pass, and into the mountains that envelope Iona Wine Farm. As the mist clears, as you gain altitude, you will be met with the most beautiful vistas over the Elgin valley. Then, you drive through the gates of Iona and a stately Herbert Baker designed home rises from the vineyards. This is the home of Andrew and Rozy Gunn, the proprietors of Iona Wine Farm. 

Iona misty mornings

Andrew is a pioneer in the Elgin wine valley. His vineyard is planted high up above the Elgin valley, and what seems like just a stones throw from the Atlantic Ocean which crashes into the coastline just on the other side of the mountain. This high altitude, and proximity to the ocean, gives Iona a unique cooler climate. This gives the grapes on the farm much longer ripening periods, which enable beautiful ripeness, while retaining the acidity and freshness Iona has become renowned for, especially in its Sauvignon Blanc. 

Andrew Gunn

The philosophy at Iona is to make wine that expresses the soils and climate as closely as possible, making use of sustainable farming methods and to maximise the use of natural products in farming and winemaking. Everything is done in-house. From the vineyard to the wine distribution, for Andrew and Rozy, Iona is the sole source of their focus, passion and great joy. We are happy to share some stories from Andrew and Rozy below, from their upcoming Virtual Tasting and Tour, coming soon to the Together Store. 

Shop Iona on the Together Store here. 

Shop Iona on the Together Store here.