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Together with Green Bee Biodegradables

We are really proud to welcome Green Bee, and their founder Bianca Lewin, to the Together Store. If your first and only use for biodegradable cleaning products has been on a camping trip, you are probably not alone! But if we are so conscious about nature when having a bath in the Fish River, surely we can achieve the same for our ground water and oceans at home?

Finally there is a range of products that are just as effective as all the chemical based products out there, but much friendlier to planet earth. When we first discovered Green Bee it was for our office, and then we dug deeper into the vision of the founder, Bianca Lewin. She embodies the spirit and action of the famous quote "be the change you want to see in the world". Here is some background to Green Bee from Bianca.  

Bianca and her husband (aka the delivery guy)

"My family has always been a nature loving lot, and I was taught from an early age to appreciate the oceans, rivers, forests and mountains, as well as being made aware of pollution, as we made sure to pick up litter if we found it misplaced. It is this love of nature that led me to become interested in cleaning products and their effects on the environment, considering it is something that every household uses.

It is Green Bee's mission to provide affordable and effective biodegradable products to households and businesses, whilst facilitating the avoidance of plastic where feasible and the reusing of plastic in other scenarios, by providing refillable bottles and collecting bulk packaging for cleaning, refilling and recirculation (collections currently available in the Cape Town area). 

Green Bee's products are biodegradable, non-toxic, plant based and are free of EDTA, phosphates and petrochemicals, making them safe for the whole family including pets."

Green BeeGreen BeeGreen Bee

Welcome to the Together Store Bianca and Green Bee! Shop their amazing products here