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SCHOON Fresh Country Loaf (700g) - Together Store South Africa

SCHOON Fresh Country Loaf (700g)

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1 x Fresh Country Loaf

Fresh Country Loaf: A sandwich loaf for the daily bread bin. A white & whole wheat sourdough bread made with stoneground flour that accentuates the creamy flavours of wheat & brings back the memories of how real bread was once made.

About Schoon:

At Schoon we value true, traditional craftsmanship - we hand-bake each
loaf of bread & pastry, and build lasting relationships with local farmers who
care about quality and craft as much as we do. We work with people we trust
to take as much care with the growing & milling as we do with the baking.

We work with local South African farmers to ensure that the
grain we use is sustainable & fully traceable back to the land.
The non-GMO crops are grown in an environmentally conscious way,
using no-till sowing & crop rotation methods which enriches
the soil & encourages natural regeneration.

Our grain is 100% stone-ground at low temperatures that preserve
the nutrient-rich wheat germ. This maintains the nutritional integrity
of the grain & results in healthier, more digestible flour.

Schoon products are baked the traditional way using stoneground flour,
water, salt & wild yeast. Every loaf is hand-shaped & long fermented.
Slow fermentation gives bread life - it transforms the nutrient-rich grains
into healthy, more digestible breads with unique flavour