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FABRIC SOFTENER - 2 litre extra concentrated refill (200 washes) - Together Store South Africa

FABRIC SOFTENER - 2 litre extra concentrated refill (200 washes)

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10ml per wash (or 10 pumps of the dispenser)
Non-toxic and free of EDTA and phosphates
Gentle on all types of fabrics
Softens fabrics while also acting as a rinse-aid
Concentrated formula is not blended with water or fillers, making this more eco-friendly in relation to transportation and storage
Mild lavender scent
The manufacturer complies with the highest international standards set by the Global Eco-Label Network (G.E.N.), is locally audited and tested by The Heritage Environmental Programme, and carries the Eco-Choice accreditation
Made in South Africa
Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight for up to a year