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DEGREASER - 2 litres Refill PLUS a 500ml plastic spray bottle - Together Store South Africa

DEGREASER - 2 litres Refill PLUS a 500ml plastic spray bottle

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Non-caustic microbial cleaner for ovens and floors
Microbes produce enzymes to digest practically any grease
Safe for use in food preparation and environmentally fragile areas
Corrosion inhibitor: Monomolecular film inhibits corrosion without creating build-up
Directions: Spray directly onto the surface. For the very heaviest grease and grime deposits, allow the product to first soak for 15 – 60 minutes. For extra effectiveness in kitchen applications, pre‐heat the surface until warm to the touch. Thoroughly scrub and rinse clean. Use gloves.
The manufacturer complies with the highest international standards set by the Global Eco-Label Network (G.E.N.), is locally audited and tested by The Heritage Environmental Programme and carries the Eco-Choice accreditation
Made in South Africa