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ALL-PURPOSE MICROBIAL CLEANER - Refill 5 litres - Together Store South Africa


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Diverse multi-use product used to replace chemical cleaners in the following areas: kitchens, bathrooms, floors, windows, stainless steel, carpets, upholstery, spot cleaner, odour neutraliser, mildew, bins, kitty litter, pet spills, and more
Biodegrades readily under aerobic and anaerobic conditions
Microbial formula works for hours or days after application, ensuring a healthier environment in your home or business
Does not use harsh chemicals which interfere with our beneficial bacteria
Noncorrosive, while cleaning instantly
Non-toxic and free of EDTA and phosphates
Citrus rind scent
The manufacturer complies with the highest international standards set by the Global Eco-Label Network (G.E.N.), is locally audited and tested by The Heritage Environmental Programme, and carries the Eco-Choice accreditation
Made in South Africa
Dilutions for floors 1:50
Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight for up to a year
Please return the large bottle for reuse