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CIAO CIAO - Buffalo Burrata (130g) - Together Store South Africa

CIAO CIAO - Buffalo Burrata (130g)

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Food products only available in greater Cape Town area. The image is not an exact representation of this product.

About Ciao Ciao Buffalo Burrata

Burrata is a handmade shell of mozzarella filled with stracciatella. This is one of the most refined delicacies of the Italian Cuisine, we also make the burrata filling with different flavors like Gorgonzola, Truffle, Pesto and many more.

Italian cooking is characterized by cheese: hard or soft, cheese is lightly sprinkled or thrown with a heavy hand into almost every dish. For a centuries-old cuisine, one of its most popular cheeses is actually quite young. Hailing from Puglia, the creamy cheese that is burrata was only invented a century ago.

What Is Burrata?

Burrata is a soft cow’s milk cheese that, from the outside, could be mistaken for fresh mozzarella. Both are plump white orbs of Italian cheese, one more solid and elastic than the other. Burrata cheese is distinguishable by its loose texture: small, soft cheese curds and cream are packaged inside an outer shell made of mozzarella.

About Ciao Ciao

  • Ciao Ciao specializes in the production of freshly made Durum wheat pastas, Raviolis, real Italian mozzarella and many traditional Italian products.
  • Ciao Ciao’s defining feature is its local production of the highest quality, artisanal Italian products. Born from the desire to offer the authentic flavours which are central to Italian culture, Ciao Ciao prides itself in maintaining longstanding traditional family recipes. The business is run by an Italian family who born with a passion and love for Italian cuisine, and now wish to share this passion in Cape Town by making available authentic products. The Family was joined lately by the renowned and experienced chef Gary Coetzee, aka Guido, who ensures the perfection of flavours and the development of complementary products.
  • The Ciao Ciao team take pride in the fact that their products are manufactured to the highest standards, using original Italian ingredients and the original Italian recipes.