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Collection: All Purpose Cleaner - Guidelines

The product can be used full strength or diluted. Diluting with water helps to make the product go further and saves you money.

Green Bee recommends diluting with water up to 1:4 in a spray bottle for cleaning kitchen surfaces. The cleaner can be used on all surfaces including granite. It’s great for eliminating bin odours: if your bin is smelling, squirt a few sprays of the all purpose cleaner into the bin. You can also spray onto recyclables that may smell while sitting in the bin.

Green Bee recommends a slightly stronger dilution compared to the kitchen for bathrooms, particularly toilet areas where the odours are stronger. Try a 1:1 dilution here. The spray can be used for stains and mildew so there should be no need to use toxic and corrosive products such as bleach, Handy Andy or mildew spray. The cleaner can be used on all surfaces including wood. The spray is great for eliminating odours: try a couple of sprays into water collected in buckets from showers or directly into the toilet if you are skipping flushes to save water.

Floor and Windows
Use a dilution of 1:50 for general cleaning of floors and windows or a stronger solution for dirtier areas. If making a bucket for mopping, do not mix boiling water with the cleaning product as this will kill the microbes before they get a chance to work!

Use full strength all purpose spray on stains on upholstery, carpets, linen and clothing, etc. The spray does not use bleach so can be used on all colours and fabrics. Instead, natural microbes break down the substance causing the stain.

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