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You have given back | Drifters Soup-A-Heroes

The Together Store is all about getting through this time together, in any way that we can. Whether it be supporting farms and other small businesses, and helping you source directly from them, or giving back to our most vulnerable communities. We decided from the beginning that we wanted to build this "we are all in this together" concept right into the business model. That is why 2% of all your purchases are given back to projects that support communities most impacted by Covid-19 and the economic and health impacts that it has caused.

One of these is Operation Soup-A-Heroes, run by our of our Brand Partners, Drifter Breweries


These crazy beautiful people saw their business tumble down, being unable to brew beer or sell beer, so they took a day or two to mourn that, and then picked themselves up and converted their brewery to an industrial soup kitchen!!! I mean, YES, this is what humans are capable of at their very best! 

Beer to Butternut soup

From delicious beer to nutritious and delicious butternut soup, within a matter of days. Below is some more information about this endeavour, which has also been driven by Woodstock Breweries. We are happy to say that thanks to our customers we have been able to donate R7000 to the Drifter Soup-A-Hero effort. That is the equivalent of 2000 litres of soup, and 4000 meals served. Well done team! That is a Together attitude, and we are so proud to know you and work with you. 

What a hero!

Official word from Drifter:

Brewing Hope While Filling Bellies

Craft Brewery Converts Beer Tanks to Make Soup 

Three weeks after deciding to convert its beer tanks into giant soup-making tanks, Drifter Brewing Company has fed more than 75,000 people across ten different communities in Cape Town. Operation Soup-A-Heroes is addressing the hunger crisis exacerbated by the COVID-19 lockdown, especially for those who live hand to mouth. To keep this project going, individual donations can be contributed through Quicket

“Food security has always been an issue in our country and with the rate of unemployment on the rise, the need for meals will only continue to grow,” says Nick Bush, Director and Co-Founder of Drifter. “Our beer business is taking a hard knock right now, but the silver lining is using our space to make huge quantities of food. Our brewing system is a 1000L tank, so a single batch of the soup can feed at least 2500 people. And we’re cooking multiple batches in a day, which means we can feed up to 10,000 people come dinner time.” 

Since the alcohol ban went into effect in South Africa on March 27, local breweries and restaurants have found creative ways to try and stay afloat. At the very least, they’ve made use of their equipment for other purposes. Craft breweries typically use the equivalent of giant kettles to make beer. Across the country, this equipment is being repurposed as giant cooking pots to make mass quantities of nutritional soup. It’s then delivered to NGOs for distribution among the communities. 

Woodstock Brewery initiated the soup production effort for the industry, setting up a ‘blueprint’ for other breweries like Drifter to follow. Now Drifter has taken the helm, working in collaboration with the other breweries, NGOs and volunteers to produce and distribute soup daily. Soup-A-Heroes relies on donations from the public to continue feeding these Cape Town communities, which include Hanover Park, Heideveld, Retreat, Tafelsig, Lavender Hill, Dunoon, Kraaifontein, Langa, Khayelitsha and Gugulethu.

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