Check out our delivery policy, we have a weekly order cycle finishing every Monday at 12pm.

Thinking out the box

With the current restrictions on selling wine, we have had to think out of the box in more ways than one! We want you to have the freedom to choose your favourite food items, and how you put them together. 

Boxed in

Enter our Unboxed collections. The first being our Unboxed burgers. Pick and choose your favourite ingredients for the perfect home prepared burger, and then browse the rest of the store in case you need other farm to table or digital deli items. We will also be unboxing pizza, pasta, seafood and other dishes very soon! Think out of the box with your weekly food delivery. We will box your choice for you. We will go back to pairing these with our beautiful wines, craft beers, and spirits soonest! After Lockdown 2.0. 

We deliver these Unboxed food items to your door in the greater Cape Town area, in temperature controlled vehicles. Everything is sourced with care, and also packed and delivered with the highest food standards. 

Unbox your food choices

In the meantime you can also pre-order drinks, just use the SHARETHELOVE code at checkout, to get your 20% pre-order discount. We will deliver as soon as we are allowed. Remember all of your purchases give back 2% to our Together Store causes, such as the Soup-A-Heroes feeding scheme. In addition you are putting money directly into the pocket of the small-scale farmers and artisanal producers.

We look forward to sharing many Unboxed and perfectly paired meals together. 

Together Store Stamp