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Our Food journey so far

It all started with the incredibly talented and dedicated wine families that we work with. Their passion to craft their product, their connection with the land they work on, was the inspiration for the food journey of the Together Store. With the collapse of the restaurant industry we wanted to not only help our wine partners, but also the small farmers and artisanal producers in the food industry. We wanted to find a way to bring these to you directly, putting more of the money in their back pocket, not in the pocket of larger retailers. We hope it helps them while the restaurants recover, and helps you get that direct connection with these incredible farmers, in the same way you might have with certain wineries.

It also helps to pair great wine with great food! Without further ado, we present some of the incredible food partners to our wines and craft drinks on The Together Store. 


Gay's Dairy

From one of our favourite places, Prince Albert, comes a true family owned dairy with the most incredible produce. Gay van Hasselt started her small dairy, with just three cows, and soon discovered that there was a demand for fresh milk in this quaint Karoo town. Just like old times, her customers would arrive with empty containers to get their fresh fix. Demand started to rise, and she started the yoghurt side of her business, and then after a two day cheese making course in Stellenbosch, she embarked on her now world renowned range of cheeses. We love the story of how this small family owned business launched with very little, and slowly but surely grew. Always focused on quality, always learning, and focused on what the land can give, in a sustainable way. It mirrors many of the stories of our wine partners. Shop our dairy products here

Gay's Dairy

Woodview Wagyu

Woodview is the first and oldest producer of wagyu beef in South Africa. This breed of cattle has been bred for centuries and they are regarded as a national treasure in Japan. In fact, it was originally only consumed by the Emperor, his family and their samurai. Times have changed, we can now klap it on a braai, straight from this family owned farm in the Freestate. Brian Angus, the gent who pioneered Wagyu in South Africa, and the owner of Woodview, is known as South Africa's Wagyu Godfather, and when you taste one of their burgers you will see why. Their free range farming techniques really come through in the final product. Shop our butchery products here

Brian Angus, Woodview Butchery

Valrhona Chocolate

If you want to reach the rarified atmosphere of chocolate greatness, then look no further than Valrhona chocolate. Never heard of it? If you have had a dessert at any of the top restaurants in South Africa, or the world in fact, then you have definitely tasted it! The company is based in the south of France, and was founded in 1922. Like wine, chocolate is all about origin, where the cocoa is grown. That is why Valrhona not only makes its chocolate to exacting standards, but also grows the raw ingredients itself, in plantations in Venezuela and the Dominican Republic. These fine folk are so dedicated to chocolate that they even established their own pastry and chocolate school. Who needs Willie Wonka, when you can skip straight to the chocolate school: L’École Valrhona. They took their dessert obsession even further, and also have an incredible range of baking products. Shop our chocolate products here

Schoon Bakery

So we all baked a banana bread and a sour dough during lockdown, and I think about 1% of us have kept this up. We now understand the concept of specialisation and division of labour. To do something really well you need experience, great ingredients and commitment (bakers are active creatures at 3am!). This is where the team at Schoon come to the rescue. They are committed to a simple mission, to change bread in South Africa. To revive the staple, and produce it naturally fermented, stone ground, and hearth baked. We love breaking bread with these guys, and we thank them for taking the sour dough baton from us, and doing it right! Shop our bakery here

Schoon Bakery

Lazena Free Range Chicken

As you drive up the first part of Sir Lowry's pass you notice a beautiful sweeping mountain range, sweeping from Gordon's Bay all the way around to the Helderberg. At the foot of this mountain range is the Lazena Farm, owned and run by the Laker Family. This is a happy home for the free range chickens that are raised on the farm. Their range of products is fantastic, and one of the most popular items on the Together Store. Shop our free range chicken here

Wild Peacock

We are really proud to be working closely with this incredible family owned business, not just in the Together Store but also in our sister company, Under the Influence. It all started with the founder, Sue Baker, selling artisanal cheeses and fresh oysters from the boot of her car! The Baker family, with son Ross now in charge, have grown the business to work with the majority of the top hospitality outlets in Cape Town and beyond. This team is passionate about food, and they have a wonderful team who pick and pack all of the freshest items, and ensure that they get to your door in temperature controlled vehicles. Just like us, they are big on quality and sustainability. One of the most incredible parts of their offering is the fresh seafood they source and distribute. Shop our seafood here

Wild Peacock